Maddy brightens my life

It was a Sunday. My sister had just left heading home after we had gone for a short walk and planned some yard work when she returned. She was crying and apologizing and saying she didn't know what else to do and had a little brown dog in her arms and said it was covered in fleas and hurt and she knew I was not looking for a dog but she didn't know what else to do and ...

"Bring it around back and I have some shampoo and let's see what we can see."

I had some big foam coolers on the back patio and went in and got the old dog shampoo and some towels while Grace brought the doggie out back. I brought a bowl of water too since that is usually important and we put the doggy into one of the coolers. Grace went to get the hose while I offered the dog some water that it just stared at like it had no idea what it was.

Pretty soon she looked better, definitely a dog and definitely cleaner.

Maddy Head

Grace had calmed down by then, enough to tell me the story. She had been almost home when she saw the dog in the road next to a plastic trash bag. She (the doggy) seemed to be trying to get something out of the bag and when Grace stopped the car she saw little legs sticking out as well as a horrid smell.

It seems someone had put several dogs in a trash bag and just thrown it out on a back road where it had gotten run over. Only the one little doggy survived and Grace simply could not take it home (she had already adopted two dogs) and so brought it to me.

"I know you can't keep it," she said; "but if you can keep it until tomorrow I'll take it to the Humane Society."

Grace went to the nearby Walgreens to get some dog food while I dried the dog off and let her explore the patio. She got around okay but would not put any weight on her right rear leg. She did not complain when I tried to check it but did just fine on the three legs. I finally got her to take a little water by dipping my finger and letting her suck on it.

When Grace got back with the Kibbles she ate like she had never had food before and after a few more wet fingers, each closer to the water bowl, she finally stuck her nose down but kind bit at the water instead of lapping.

Both of the cats were at the screen door all this time, not hissing but certainly fascinated by this new thing on the porch. I decided I’d keep her over night and then take her to the vet in the morning just to get her checked out. I got out one of the carriers and she walked right in and lay down on the blanket and I brought her into the house.

The kitties continued investigating this new critter and took turns coming up to the bars and the doggy would come up to them. There were no signs of aggravation or aggression but I still thought it best to keep her in the carrier until after we made the visit to the vet but I was already pretty certain she was going to join the family instead of going to the Humane Society.

Monday morning first thing I took the doggy to the vet. They checked her over, she had not had puppies and had not been spayed, the hind leg was broken but in position and seemed stable. They asked what her name was and Madeline immediately got attached. Compared to the cats she really was the smallest of them all.

We decided to let her stay overnight and scheduled her operation as well as Xrays to check for any internal damage for the next day. They would do blood work and check for parasites or other issues at the same time. Also depending on the Xrays they would reset the broken bone if necessary.

I explained to Maddy that this was a spa day and I'd be back for her tomorrow.

When I got home with the doggy the kittens seemed confused. Here I had just brought them a new playmate and then took it away. Hardly seemed fair to them.

Tuesday morning the vet called, all the tests were negative and the Xrays showed the bones were aligning and they thought the best thing was to just give her time for the bones to set and see if she got the use of the leg back. Her surgery had gone well and while there were signs of internal bruising there were no signs of serious organ damage. She was sleeping and would be ready to come home that afternoon.

When we got home the kitties acted like their very best friend in the whole world had returned.

Well Sunshine did.

Maddy & Sunshine 1

Maddy & Sunshine 2

Princess acknowledge that Madeline could worship her but from a distance.