The Baby Ducks

The baby ducks lived under the front porch. They were very special baby ducks, not yellow like Easter chicks, or white, or even blue though blue duckies would be purty.

They were invisible. That means that only Daddy and me can see them, nobody else.

Sometimes Daddy would take me for a walk all the way up to the big road and back. He taught me how to call the baby ducks out and that I had to take care of them. I had to hold my arms out and keep them together and be very careful 'cause no one else could see them and they might step on them and then they would pop and sometimes one would run away and Daddy would see it and say "Son, git that one before it gits too far off." and he would point it out and I'd shoo it back with the others.

Herding baby ducks is hard work and Daddy says it is 'portant. That means I gotta work real hard at it and keep my eyes open.

Sometimes Daddy would stop to talk with another Daddy and I'd have to keep the baby ducks quiet so they could talk. And I had to watch real close 'cause the other Daddy couldn't see the baby ducks and might step on one but I always watched real good and if it was gonna happen I'd pull on the Daddy's pants and he'd move his foot and no baby ducks ever got popped.

Then when we got to the big road we would turn back home. The baby ducks would be tired and sometimes stop walking and I'd wait until they weren't tired any more and Daddy would wait with me. We'd sit on the grass in front of a yard while the baby ducks ate grass and Daddy would tell me about the things he had seen, men that rode camels and mountains with snow on the top and houses that were on a hill over the water and all had red roofs and they were almost like stairs going up the hill and when the duckies were ready we would walk some more.

When we got home I would lead the baby ducks back to the hole under the porch and they would go in and go to sleep. Daddy would sit on the steps and I'd sit in his lap and he'd tell me stories about what the clouds were doing. Then I'd wake up and be in my bed and sometimes Mommy would be calling and I would go downstairs and we would all eat lunch.